Sustainable Philosophy-The Work of Bryan Norton

Sustainable Philosophy-The Work of Bryan Norton


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Chapter 1. Norton on Sustainability as Such (Paul B. Thompson).- Chapter 2. Ecological Sustainability (J. Baird Callicott).- Chapter 3. Norton vs Callicott on Interpreting Aldo Leopold: A Jamesian View (Piers H.G. Stephens).- Chapter 4. The Language of Environmental Ethics: Escaping The Emotivist Trap (Daniel W. Bromley).- Chapter 5. Environmental Pragmatism, Decision Theory, and Systematic Conservation Planning (Sahotra Sarkar).- Chapter 6. Values Pluralism and "Sustainability" (Richard Howarth).- Chapter 7. Shared Values and Scientific Knowledge in Environmental Decision-making (Evelyn Brister).- Chapter 8. Adaptive Management as a Theory of Intergenerational Justice? (Clark Wolf).- Chapter 9. Leadership for Sustainability (R. Bruce Hull).- Chapter 10. The Power of Process: A Role for Norton's Deliberative Approach to Sustainability in Building Constituencies for Change (Paul D. Hirsch) etc.
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