Biological Mechanisms of Minimal Residual Disease and Systemic Cancer

Biological Mechanisms of Minimal Residual Disease and Systemic Cancer

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Foreword. Understanding and targeting minimal residual disease: a path to change cancer patient outcomes. Julio A. Aguirre-Ghiso Chapter 1. Epigenetics and Pluripotency Aspects of Disseminated Cancer Cells during Minimal Residual Disease. Maria Jose Carlini, Nitisha Shrivastava, and Maria Soledad Sosa. Chapter 2. Anti-angiogenic therapy-mediated endothelial damage: A driver of breast cancer recurrence? Laura Pisarsky and Cyrus M. Ghajar Chapter 3. Minimal Residual Disease in Prostate Cancer Frank C. Cackowski and Russell S. Taichman Chapter 4. Minimal Residual Disease in Head and Neck Cancer and Esophageal Cancer Christoph Sproll, Georg Flugen, Nikolas H. Stoecklein. Chapter 5. Detection of Minimal Residual Disease and its Clinical Applications in Melanoma and Breast Cancer Patients Selena Y Lin, Javier IJ Orozco, and Dave SB Hoon Chapter 6. Preservation of Quiescent Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Stem Cells by the Bone Marrow Microenvironment. Mansi Shah, Ravi Bhatia Chapter 7. Minimal Residual Disease in Acute Myeloid leukemia. Alexandra Gomez-Arteaga, Monica L. Guzman Chapter 8. Characteristics and therapeutic targeting of minimal residual disease in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Irmela Jeremias and Denis M. Schewe. Chapter 9. Minimal Residual Disease in Multiple Myeloma: Impact on response assessment, prognosis and tumor heterogeneity Natalie Berger, Seunghee Kim-Schulze, Samir Parekh. Index.
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