Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Current Status and Future Directions

Orive, Gorka; Emerich, Dwaine F.

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Cell Therapy: Current Status and Future Directions Editors: Dwaine F. Emerich and Gorka Orive Table of Contents Preface - Dwaine F. Emerich and Gorka Orive Chapter 1 - Molecular Considerations in Cell Transplant Imaging - Aline M. Thomas and Jeff W.M. Bulte Chapter 2 - Considerations for Successful Encapsulated Cell Therapy - Christopher G. Thanos, Jason L. Gaglia and Felicia W. Pagliuca Chapter 3 - Stem Cell Therapy for Neurovascular and Traumatic Brain Diseases - Marci G. Crowley, M. Grant Liska and Cesar V. Borlongan Chapter 4 - Cell Replacement Strategies for Parkinson's Disease - Diptaman Chatterjee, Dustin R. Wakeman and Jeffrey H. Kordower Chapter 5 - Cell Therapy for Epilepsy - Chiara Falcicchia, Giovanna Paolone and Michele Simonato Chapter 6 - Dendritic Cell-Based Cancer Therapies: Current Status and Future Directions - Shah Md. Shahjahan Miah, Timothy K. Erick and Dwaine F. Emerich Chapter 7 - Encapsulation Approaches to Cell Therapy - Paul de Vos Chapter 8 - Biomaterials and Cells for Re-vascularization - Priscilla A. Williams, Kevin T. Campbell and Eduardo A. Silva Chapter 9 - Cell Reprogramming for Cardiac Regeneration and Rare Disease Modeling - Xonia Carvajal-Vergara, Juan Roberto Rodriguez-Madoz, Beatriz Pelacho and Felipe Prosper< Chapter 10 - Engineering Organoid Systems to Model Health and Disease - James Ankrum, Thomas J. Bartosh, Xiaolei Yin, Alexander Brown, Anthony J. Burand, Jr. and Lauren Boland Chapter 11 - 3D Printing for Cell Therapy Applications - Ashley N. Leberfinger, Kazim Kerim Moncal, Dino J. Ravnic and Ibrahim T. Ozbolat Chapter 12 - Cell Therapy for Ophthalmic Diseases - Konrad Kauper and Arne Nystuen Chapter 13 - Cell Therapy: Approaching a Partnership with Pharma - Vincent Ling Chapter 14 - Stem Cell Therapy in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Mirella Meregalli, Marzia Belicchi and Yvan Torrente
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