Clinical Decision Making in Colorectal Surgery

Clinical Decision Making in Colorectal Surgery

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Section I. Evaluation and Perioperative Chapter 1. Anorectal Examination Chapter 2. Anorectal and Colonic Evaluation Chapter 3. Physiologic Testing Chapter 4. Mechanical Bowel Preparation for Elective Colon and Rectal Surgery Chapter 5. Perioperative Assessment and Risk Stratification Chapter 6. Enhanced Recovery Pathways in Colorectal Surgery Chapter 7. Hematochezia and Melena Chapter 8. Anal Disease in the Neutropenic Patient Chapter 9. Evaluation and Perioperative. Anal Mass Section II. Anal Conditions Chapter 10. Anal Conditions. Anal Fissure/Recurrent Anal Fissure Chapter 11. Anal Conditions. Anal Stenosis and Stricture Chapter 12. Anorectal Abscess Chapter 13. Anal Conditions. Fistula in ano Chapter 14. Anal Conditions. Rectovaginal Fistula Chapter 15. Anal Conditions. Anorectal Crohn's Disease - Fistula Chapter 16. Anorectal Crohn's Disease. Anal Stenosis and Anal Fissure Chapter 17. Management of Internal Hemorrhoids Chapter 18. Anal Conditions. External Hemorrhoids Chapter 19. Anal Conditions. Pilonidal Disease/Complex and Recurrent Pilonidal Disease Chapter 20. Anal Conditions. Pruritus Ani Chapter 21. Anal Conditions. Hidradenitis Suppurativa Chapter 22. Anal Conditions. Anorectal Trauma Chapter 23. Anal Conditions. STDs Chapter 24. Anal considerations. Fournier's gangrene Chapter 25. Non-healing Perineal Wounds Chapter 26. Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasms Chapter 27. Anal Conditions. Anal Margin Tumors Chapter 28. Invasive Anal Canal Neoplasia Section III. Pelvic Floor Chapter 29. Pelvic Floor Conditions. Rectal Prolapse/Recurrence Chapter 30. Pelvic Floor Conditions. Rectal Intussusception Chapter 31. Pelvic outlet obstruction Chapter 32. Pelvic Floor Conditions. Biofeedback Chapter 33. Pelvic Floor Conditions. Fecal Incontinence Chapter 34. Pelvic Floor Conditions. Diarrhea Chapter 35. Chronic Constipation Section IV. Rectal Chapter 36. Retrorectal tumors Chapter 37. Rectal Cancer. Local Therapy Chapter 38. Rectal Conditions. Rectal Cancer - Proctectomy Chapter 39. Rectal Conditions. Rectal Cancer - Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy Chapter 40. Rectal Conditions. Stage IV Rectal Cancer Chapter 41. Rectal Cancer. Watch and Wait Chapter 42. Rectal Conditions. Rectal Cancer. Postoperative Surveillance Chapter 43. Recurrent Rectal Cancer Chapter 44. Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Section V. Colonic Chapter 45. Colonic. Diverticulitis Chapter 46. Colonic Conditions. Large Bowel Obstruction Chapter 47. Colonic Conditions - Volvulus Chapter 48. Colonic Stricture Chapter 49. Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction (ACPO) - Ogilvie's Syndrome Chapter 50. Colonic Conditions. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Chapter 51. Colorectal Trauma Chapter 52. Endometriosis Chapter 53. Colonic Conditions. Ulcerative Colitis Chapter 54. Colonic Conditions. Indeterminate Colitis Chapter 55. Colonic Conditions. Toxic Colitis Chapter 56. Crohn's Colitis Chapter 57. Ischemic Colitis Chapter 58. Colonic Conditions. Infectious Colitis Chapter 59. Colonic Conditions. Benign colonic neoplasia Chapter 60. Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Chapter 61. Colonic Conditions. Lynch Syndrome Chapter 62. Malignant Colon Polyps Chapter 63. Colonic Conditions. Adenomatous Polyps Chapter 64. Colon Cancer Surgical Therapy Chapter 65. Colonic Conditions. Locally Advanced Colon Cancer Chapter 66. Recurrent Colon Cancer Chapter 67. Appendiceal Neoplasms Section VI. Small bowel Chapter 68. Small bowel conditions. Small bowel Crohn's disease Chapter 69. Small bowel desmoid disease Chapter 70. Mesenteric Ischemia Chapter 71. Small Bowel Conditions. Small Bowel Obstruction Chapter 72. Small Bowel Conditions. Radiation-Induced Small Bowel Disease (RISBD). Radiation Enteritis Chapter 73. Enterocutaneous and Enteroatmospheric Fistula Chapter 74. Small Bowel Polyps Chapter 75. Small Bowel Lymphoma Chapter 76. Small Bowel Conditions. Carcinoid Section VII. Stomas Chapter 77. Stomal Prolapse Chapter 78. Stomas. Parastomal hernias Chapter 79. Stoma retraction and stenosis Chapter 80. Stomal varices Chapter 81. Stomas. Peristomal Skin Complication Section VIII. Complications Chapter 82. Complications. Ureteral Injury Chapter 83. Splenic Injury complicating Colorectal surgery Chapter 84. Complications. Colonic perforations Chapter 85. Complications. Early Anastomotic Complications-Leak, Abscess, and Bleeding Chapter 86. Late Anastomotic Complications (Stricture and Sinus) Chapter 87. Post-Polypectomy Bleeding Chapter 88. Post-polypectomy Thermal Injury Chapter 89. Presacral Bleeding Chapter 90. Complications. Short gut syndrome Chapter 91. Complications. Surgical Site Infections Chapter 92. J Pouch Complications Chapter 93. Complications. Pouchitis Chapter 94. Complications. Reoperative Pelvic Surgery
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