Contested Landscapes of Poverty and Homelessness In Southern Europe

Contested Landscapes of Poverty and Homelessness In Southern Europe

Reflections from Athens


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Acknowledgements.- List of Tables.- List of Figures.- List of Maps.- List of Acronyms.- Chapter 1: Introduction.- Chapter 2: Landscapes of homelessness and poverty in North American and European cities.- Chapter 3: Poverty and homelessness during the Great Recession and its aftermath.- Chapter 4: Contested landscapes of homelessness in Athens.- Chapter 5: Welfare state rescaling and austerity since 2011.- Chapter 6: Landscapes of emergency: roll-with poverty management?.- Chapter 7: Problematising emergency and poverty management.- Chapter 8: Landscapes of hope, experiments with community care.- Chapter 9: Reflections and policy implications.
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Homelessness;Poverty in Southern Europe;Activism in Homelessness;Community care;Greece;European Social Policy;neoliberalism;housing exclusion;Recession and Housing;austerity;welfare devolution in Europe;poverty management;urban geography and urbanism;development aid