Economic and Social Development of Bangladesh

Economic and Social Development of Bangladesh

Miracle and Challenges

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I. Economic Transformation 1.Development Transformation in Bangladesh: An OverviewMinhaj Mahmud, Keijiro Otsuka, Yasuyuki Sawada, and Eiji YamadaIntroductionOverall Growth and Poverty ReductionDevelopment Transformation in BangladeshSocial Transformation Conclusions 2.The Miraculous Development of the Garment and Pharmaceutical Industries in BangladeshTetsushi Sonobe, Khondoker Abdul Mottaleb, and Md. Nurul AminIntroductionDevelopment of the Garment IndustryThe Development of the Pharmaceutical IndustrySurvey dataConclusions 3.Welfare Implications of Subsidies in the Microfinance Industry in BangladeshYasuyuki Sawada, Yuhei Miyauchi, Junichi YamasakiIntroductionBackgroundDataAnalysisSimple Welfare CalculationsConclusion 4.Bangladesh's Structural Transformation: The Role of InfrastructureShahidur R. Khandker and Hussain A. SamadIntroductionThe role of infrastructure: Cross-country evidenceMacro evidence of infrastructure growth in BangladeshWelfare gains from household participation in an infrastructure interventionWelfare gains from village level infrastructure growthDistributional effects of infrastructure interventionConclusions 5.International Migration and Remittances for Economic Development in Bangladesh: An OverviewAkira MurataIntroductionTrends and features of international migrationRemittances and Economic DevelopmentThe Cost of MigrationDiscussion and conclusions II. Social Transformation 6.Non-farm Sector Growth and Female Empowerment in BangladeshMinhaj Mahmud, Keijiro Otsuka, Yasuyuki Sawada, Mari Tanaka, Tomomi TanakaIntroductionAnalytical Framework Data and Empirical StrategyEmpirical StrategyResultsConcluding remarks 7.Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Education in Bangladesh: Achievements and ChallengesHisaki Kono, Yasuyuki Sawada, Abu S. ShonchoyIntroductionOverview of the Education SectorPrimary EducationSecondary EducationTertiary EducationConclusions 8. NGO Employments and Job Preferences of Youth: Evidence from BangladeshAkira Murata and Naoki NishimuraIntroductionThe Growth of the NGO Sector in BangladeshThe Youth Employment Situation in BangladeshDataJob Preference and Satisfaction in the NGO SectorFactors influencing job choice among young NGO staff Conclusions III. Welfare Improvements 9. Bangladesh's Achievement in Poverty Reduction:The Role of Microfinance RevisitedShahidur R. Khandker and Hussain A. SamadIntroductionThe panel data and its characteristicsMicrofinance growth and development Borrowers' profilesGrowth in household income, expenditure and povertyHow to assess the effect of borrowing using long panel dataThe Average treatment effect of microcredit How much poverty reduction over the last decade in Bangladesh was due to microcredit?The Cost-effectiveness of microcredit borrowing Conclusion 10. Is Multiple Borrowing a Bad Sign? Evidence from Bangladesh and IndiaYasuyuki Sawada Mari Tanaka Minhaj Mahmud IntroductionLiterature on overlapping borrowingMultiple borrowings in Bangladeshi and Indian MFIsDiscussion and conclusion 11. Urbanization and Subjective Well-Being in BangladeshMinhaj Mahmud and Yasuyuki SawadaIntroductionData and MethodsEmpirical AnalysisConclusions 12. Happiness in Life-domains: Evidence from rural BangladeshMinhaj Mahmud and Yasuyuki SawadaIntroduction Data and the Empirical StrategyEconometric Analysis and ResultsConcluding Remarks IV. Risk and Challenges 13. Challenges in Reducing the Number of Disaster Victims in BangladeshMasahiro Shoji and Akira Murata IntroductionDisaster Victims in BangladeshCurrent Approaches to Reducing the number of Disaster VictimsObstacles to Reducing the Number of VictimsConclusions 14. Governance Challenges: Institutional Quality and Trust in BangladeshMinhaj Mahmud and Yasuyuki SawadaIntroductionGovernance and Institutional qualityCorruption and Trust Linkage: Literature reviewData and Empirical StrategyRegression ResultsConclusions Author IndexSubject Index
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