Embodiment in Psychotherapy

Embodiment in Psychotherapy

A Practitioner's Guide

Hauke, Gernot; Kritikos, Ada

Springer International Publishing AG






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Building a body of evidence: from sensation to emotion and psychotherapy.- Part I Basics for clinical applications of embodiment.- Interoception - definitions, dimensions, neural.- Embodiment as an organising principle.- Embodiment of emotional regulation.- Embodiment of social interaction: our place in the world around us.- The Thoughtful Self .- The Extended Self - "I am a part of all that I have met".- Dual Process Theory: Embodiment, Impulse and Reflective determinants of behaviour.- Embodiment Research.- Part II Elementary Embodiment Techniques for the practice.- Generating Body focus: The gate to embodied work and emotional awareness.- Getting the Embodied Emotional Survival Strategy.- Mapping the Embodied Emotional Mind: the Emotional Field.- Resource activation: bringing values into the flesh.- Emotional mastery and life strategy: Moving to solutions.- Therapeutic alliance: grounding interaction in space.- Part III Elementary Embodiment techniques applied to a single therapy setting.- Psychotherapy.- Coaching.- Part IV Further on up the road: Embodiment techniques applied to more complex systems.- Distressed couples: Improving mutual empathy and emotional regulation using embodied empathy mechanisms.- Embodiment in group therapy: From IQ to WeQ - together we are stronger!.- The power of embodying values in work place teams.
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