Endoscopy in Obesity Management

Endoscopy in Obesity Management

A Comprehensive Guide

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Table of Contents Preface Bipan Chand Chapter 1 History of Bariatric Surgery Leonard K. Welsh, Jr. and Kenric M. Murayama Chapter 2 Indications of Endoscopy in the Obese Patient Jawad Tahir Ali and Aaron Carr Chapter 3 Sedation for Endoscopy in the Obese Patient Jihad Kudsi, Julius Balogh, and Nabil Tariq Chapter 4 Anatomy of Historic and Uncommon Bariatric Procedures Mojdeh S. Kappus, Natan Zundel, and Diego R. Camacho Chapter 5 Anatomy of Commonly Performed Bariatric Procedures Matthew T. Allemang and Kevin M. El-Hayek Chapter 6 Management of Acute Bleeding after Bariatric Surgery Adil Haleem Khan and Leena Khaitan Chapter 7 Management of Leaks with Endoluminal Stents Salvatore Docimo, Jr. and Aurora D. Pryor Chapter 8 Treatment of Obstructions and Strictures with Balloons and Bougies Amanda M. Johner and Kevin M. Reavis Chapter 9 Identification and Treatment of Fistulas and Chronic Cavities Andrew T. Strong and Matthew D. Kroh Chapter 10 Role of Endoscopy in Managing Foreign Body Erosions after Bariatric Surgery Sofiane El Djouzi Chapter 11 Treatment of Marginal Ulcers after Gastric Bypass Eric Marcotte Chapter 12 Weight Recidivism after Gastric Bypass and Endoscopic Solutions Melissa Felinski, Maamoun A. Harmouch, Erik B. Wilson, and Shinil K. Shah Chapter 13 Comprehensive Endoluminal Treatment of Sleeve Gastrectomy Complications Manoel Galvao Neto and Natan Zundel Chapter 14 Endoluminal Gastric Procedures for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Hung P. Truong and Dean J. Mikami Chapter 15 Endoluminal Small Bowel Procedures for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Pichamol Jirapinyo and Christopher C. Thompson
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