Ethnic Diversities, Hypertension and Global Cardiovascular Risk

Ethnic Diversities, Hypertension and Global Cardiovascular Risk

Modesti, Pietro Amedeo; Cappuccio, Francesco P.; Parati, Gianfranco

Springer International Publishing AG






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Acknowledging that the scientific and cultural training of health professionals on the specific health needs of minority groups is still limited and likely biased, the book sheds light on the different health policies in European countries as well as epidemiologic data on cardiovascular events among migrants.
I Ethnicity in the european context.- 1. Multi-ethnic populations in Europe; terminology and classifications.- 2. Migration, communicable and non-communicable diseases. Are we witnessing a paradigm shift?.- 3. Inequalities and health policies in the European countries.- II Ethnic disparities in cardiovascular disease.- 4. Ethnic disparities in stroke.- 5. Intracranial atherosclerosis in Asian populations.- 6. Coronary heart disease among non-Western immigrants.- 7. Hypertension and the Heart in Africa.- 8. Ethnicity and hypertension-related target organ damage.- 9. Chronic kidney disease: global dimension and perspectives for Africa.- 10. Ethnicity and atrial fibrillation: a counterintuitive phenomenon.- III Drivers predisposing ethnic minorities to cardiovascular disease.- 11. Disparities in Hypertension in the ethnic minority groups; beneficial aspects of minority ethnic group cultures.- 12. Type 2 diabetes in ethnic minority groups in Europe.- 13. Health needs and global cardiovascular risk of Chinese migrants in Europe: which peculiarities?.- 14. Overweight and obesity in ethnic minorities. Ethnic specific cut-off values of obesity indices.- IV Ethnic specific issues for prevention and treatment of hypertension and global cv risk.- 15. New notions on Salt Sensitivity .- 16. Body Image perception in ethnic minorities: implications for prevention.- 17. Risk assessment of future type 2 diabetes and prevention strategies.- 18. Screening strategies for type 2 diabetes and risk stratification in minority groups.- 19. Cardiovascular risk assessment models and ethnicity: implications for hypertension guidelines.- 20. Antihypertensive drug therapy in patients of African and South Asian ethnicity.- 21. Cardiovascular risk factors in migrants: beyond the first generation.- 22. Hypertension in pregnancy and related health outcomes in European ethnic minorities.- 23. Ethnic differences in left ventricular remodelling in athletes: implications for pre-participation visit.
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