Food Safety Economics

Food Safety Economics

Incentives for a Safer Food Supply

Roberts, Tanya

Springer International Publishing AG






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I. Food Safety Applied Economics: Economic Incentives in Regulations and in the Private Sector A. Overview of Food Safety Economics - Derrick Jones; Tanya Roberts; and Robert ScharffB. Information Is the Basic Problem for Economic Incentives - Tanya Roberts and Robert Scharff C. Supply Chain Control, Principal-Agent Theory, and International Challenges - Derrick Jones D. HACCP Implementation, Economic Incentives, and Benefit/Cost Analysis: U.S. Meat and Poultry - Tanya Roberts E. Economic Impact of Posting Restaurant Ratings: UK and US Experience - Derrick Jones II. Economics of Foodborne Illness Metrics: When to Use What A. Overview of Estimates and Use by Private Companies and Public Policy Analysis - Robert Scharff, Arie Havelaar, and Tanya RobertsB. Burden of Disease for Cost Effectiveness Analysis - Arie Havelaar C. Cost of Illness and DALY Methods and Applications - Robert ScharffD.Identification of Acute Foodborne Illnesses and Their Long Term Health Outcomes - Tanya Roberts III. Case Studies in Applied Food Safety Economics A. Economic Incentives of Product Testing: U.S. Beef - Tanya RobertsB. Surveillance of Campylobacter in New Zealand - Peter van der LogtC. Outbreak Consequences: Sweden's Salmonella Testing from Farm to Fork - Tanya Roberts and Johan LindbladD. Economics of Antibiotic Use in Swine and Poultry Production, Aude Teillant and Ramanan LaxminarayanE. The Role of Surveillance in Regulations and in Promoting Economics Incentives - Robert Scharff and Craig HedbergF. Economic Incentives for Capacity Building in Food Safety-Clare Narrod and Mark MillerG. Pathogen Information and Supply Chain Performance: Costs and Benefits - Craig WilsonH. Legal Liabilty Changes for Food Safety in the United States and Selected Countries - Bill Marler, J.D.I.The Challenges and Promise of GFSI in International Markets - Derrick Jones IV.The Future of International Food Safety: Economic Incentives, Risks, GFSI, WTO, and Country Regulations - Derrick Jones, Robert Scharff, Clare Narrod, and Tanya Roberts
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