Handbook of Theory and Research in Cultural Studies and Education

Handbook of Theory and Research in Cultural Studies and Education

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Transference, Desire, and the Logic of Emancipation: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Transformative Learning. - Reality Television in Bauman's Age of Liquid Modernity. -Radical Reciprocity: Resisting Discourses of Global Citizenship. - Collaborative Synergic Model of Closing the Achievement Gap via the Opportunity Gap; YAAACE's Social Inclusion Framework within the Jane and Finch Community. -Pedagogies of/and Resistance: Reflections on Positionality, Relation, and Decolonization. - Cracking the screen: Acts and Actors of Resistance in Mobile and Social Media Learning Spaces. - Exploring the Future Form of Pedagogy: Education and Eros. - Homeless Youth. - The Creativity of Science and the Science of Creativity: Fissures and Seams. - Vulnerability and/as Initial Condition; or On the Im/possibility of Teaching Feminist Cosmopolitics. - Angry Noise: Recomposing Music Pedagogies in Indisciplinary Modes. - The History of the Internet - Between utopian Resistance and Neoliberal Government. - Equity and Educational Standardization: Complicating the Conversation. - Unpacking Decolonization: An Indigenous Perspective
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