Handbook of the Historiography of Biology

Handbook of the Historiography of Biology

Borrello, Mark E.; Dietrich, Michael R.; Harman, Oren

Springer International Publishing AG



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Introduction: Historiography and the History of Biology - Michael R. Dietrich and Mark Borrello.- Chapter 1. Charles Darwin and the Darwinian Tradition; Janet Browne.- Chapter 2. Modern Evolutionary Biology; Mark Borrello.- Chapter 3. Ecology and Environmental History; Gena Rumore.- Chapter 4. History of Natural History; Bruno Strasser.- Chapter 5. Gregor Mendel and 19th century Heredity; Staffan Mueller-Wille.- Chapter 6. Eugenics; Paul Weindling.- Chapter 7. Modern Genetics and Genomics; Michel R. Dietrich.- Chapter 8. Molecular Biology; Michel Morange.- Chapter 9. Biomedicine; Nick Rasmssen.-Chapter 10. Developmental Biology; Jane Maeinschein.- Chapter 11. Organisms and Traditions of Research; Rachel Ankeny and Sabine Leonelli.- Chapter 12. Biotechnology; Nathan Crowe.- Chapter 13. Biological Practice and Experimentation; Hannah Landecker.- Chapter 14. Biography; Oren Harman.- Chapter 15. Women in Biology; Marsha Richmond.- Chapter 16. Race in Biology; Tracy Teslow.- Chapter 17. Local, Global, and Transnational Perspectives on Biology; Ana Barahona.
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