Indigenous Peoples' Governance of Land and Protected Territories in the Arctic

Indigenous Peoples' Governance of Land and Protected Territories in the Arctic


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1. Co-operative Management of Auyuittuq National Park: Moving Towards Greater Emphasis and Recognition of Indigenous Aspirations for the Management of their Lands.- 2. Regional Governance and Indigenous Rights in Norway: The Finnmark Estate Case.- 3. Increasing Cooperation and Advancing Reconciliation in the Cooperative Management of Protected Areas in Canada's North.- 4. Two Parks, One Vision - Collaborative Management Approaches to Transboundary Protected Areas in Northern Canada: Tongait KakKasuangita SilakKijapvinga/Torngat Mountains National Park, Nunatsiavut and le Parc national Kuururjuaq Nunavik.- 5. Conceptual and Institutional Frameworks for Protected Areas, and the Status of Indigenous Involvement: Considerations for the Bering Strait Region of Alaska.- 6. Protecting the 'Caribou Heaven': A Sacred Site of the Naskapi and Protected Area Establishment in Nunavik, Canada.- 7. The Governance of Protected Areas in Greenland: The Resource National Park Among Conservation and Exploitation.- 8. Conflicting Understandings in Polar Bear Co-Management in the Inuit Nunangat: Enacting Inuit Knowledge and Identity.- 9. Beyond the protection of the land, National Parks in the Canadian Arctic: a way to actualized and institutionalized aboriginal cultures in the global.- 10. Recognition of indigenous lands through the Norwegian 2005 Finnmark Act: An important example for other countries with indigenous people?.- 11. Global Context - Arctic Importance: Free, Prior and Informed Consent, A New Paradigm in International Law Related to Indigenous Peoples.- 12. Untouched and Uninhabited: Conflicting Canadian Rhetoric on the Protection of the Environment and Advancing Northern Economies.
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Arctic regions;Environmental Policy;Indigenous Peoples;Indigenous/Aboriginal Governance;Protected Areas