Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Healthcare

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Healthcare

A Clinical Guide to Preventive, Primary, and Specialist Care

Eckstrand, Kristen; Ehrenfeld, Jesse M.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Contents Contributors Part I: The LGBT Population and Health 1 Understanding the LGBT Community Derek R. Blechinger 2 Access to Care Keisa Bennett, Shelly L. Henderson, Giang T. Nguyen, and Abbass Hyderi 3 Culture, Climate, and Advocacy Baligh R. Yehia, Scott N. Grossman, and Daniel Calder 4 Internalized Homophobia, Disclosure, and Health Sarah C. Fogel Part II: The LGBY-Inclusive Clinical Encounter 5 Clinic and Intake Forms Craig A. Sheedy 6 Medical History Carl G. Streed, Jr. 7 Utilizing the Electronic Health Record as a Tool for Reducing LGBT Health Disparities Edward J. Callahan, Catherine A. Henderson, Hendry Ton, and Scott MacDonald Part III: LGBT Preventative Health and Screening 8 Primary Care, Prevention, and Coordination of Care Keisa Bennett, Shelly L. Henderson, Giang T. Nguyen, and Abbas Hyderi 9 LGBT Parenting Christopher E. Harris 10 Intimate Partner Violence Tulsi Roy Part IV: LGBT Health in Specialty Medicine 11 Pediatric and Adolescent LGBT Health Henry H. Ng and Gregory S. Blaschke 12 Geriatric Care and the LGBT Older Adult Michael Clark, Heshie Zinman, and Edwin Bomba 13 Adult Mental Health Christopher M. Palmer and Michael B. Leslie 14 Sexually Transmitted Infections in LGBT Populations Andrew J. Para, Stephen Gee, and John A. Davis 15 Dermatology Brian Ginsberg 16 Urologic Issues in LGBT Health Matthew D. Truesdale, Benjamin N. Breyer, and Alan Shindel 17 Obstetric and Gynecologic Care for Individuals Who Are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Kristen L. Eckstrand, Jennifer Potter, and E. Kale Edmiston Part V: Transgender Health 18 Interdisciplinary Care of the Transgender Patient Christopher A. McIntosh 19 Medical Transition for Transgender Individuals Anita E. Radix 20 Surgical Treatments for the Transgender Population Randi Ettner 21 Facial Feminization Surgery: Review of Facial Analysis and Surgical Procedures Scott. R. Chaiet Part VI: Emerging Topics in LGBT Medicine 22 Immigrant and International LGBT Health Samantha J. Gridley and Vishesh Kothary 23 Disorders of Sex Development / Intersex Populations Matthew A. Malouf and Amy B. Wisniewski 24 Legal and Policy Issues Ignatius Bau and Kellan Baker 25 Common LGBT Sexual Health Questions Keith Loukes Appendices Appendix A: Chapter Learning Objectives in Competency-Based Medical Education Kristen L. Eckstrand Appendix B: Glossary of Terms Compiled by Carolina Ornelas and Laura Potter Appendix C: Resource List and Position Statements Compiled by Laura Potter and Carolina Ornelas
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