Living in the Megacity: Towards Sustainable Urban Environments

Living in the Megacity: Towards Sustainable Urban Environments

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Introduction.- Chapter 1. Megacities as a Global Centre of Sustainability Issues: Overview of the Book.- Part 1. Issues in Megacities.- Chapter 2. The Management of Urbanization, Development and Environmental Change in the Megacities of Asia in the Twenty-First Century.- Chapter 3. Historical Ecology of Societal Nucleation and Collapse.- Chapter 4. Diversity and Historical Continuity of the Residential Landscape of Megacities: A Case Study on the Jakarta Metropolitan Area.- Chapter 5. Regional Diversity and Sustainability of Megacities in Global Historical Perspective.- Part 2. Approaches to Sustainable Megacities.- Chapter 6. Generation of Urban Morphologies through Long-term Evolution of Socio-Ecological Urban Systems: Regional Characteristics and Sustainable Management of Megacities.- Chapter 7. Human Utility of Marine Ecosystem Services and Behavioral Intentions for Marine Conservation: Implications for Urban-Rural Partnership.- Chapter 8. From Sanitary to Sustainable to Sacred: Metro Nature Experiences and Engagement.- Part 3. Urban Sustainability Indicators.- Chapter 9. The City Sustainability Index (CSI): How Should the Sustainability of Megacities be Assessed?.- Chapter 10. The Urban Sustainability Indicators in Quebec.- Chapter 11. Sustainability and Urban Functions from the Perspective of the Global Power City Index (GPCI).
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City Prosperity Index;City Sustainability Index;City and environment;Global Power City Index;Megacitiy and human sustainability;Urban Sustainability Indicator;Urban development;Urban planning and environment;urban geography and urbanism