Male Osteoporosis

Male Osteoporosis

Gender Differences in Pathophysiology, Clinical Aspects, Diagnosis and Treatment


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Preface.- Introduction.- Introductory remarks: Gender differences in osteoporosis: from research to treatment.- Anatomy and histology of male skeletal tissue: gender differences - Physiology of bone mass acquisition and pathophysiology of bone mass loss: gender differences Epidemiology of male osteoporosis and fractures.- Economic and social impact of male osteoporosis and fractures.- Diagnosis of osteoporosis and fracture risk assessment: gender differences (anamnesis, algorithms, blood tests, DXA).- Male osteoporosis and imaging (QUS, CT, RM, xray).- Causes and pathophysiology of osteoporosis in men: Introduction: causes and risk factors for male osteoporosis.- Genetics of osteoporosis: gender differences.- Aging and bone loss.- Androgens and bone.- Estrogens and male osteoporosis.- Vitamin D and male osteoporosis.- Testicular function and skeletal alterations.- Endocrinological causes of male osteoporosis.- Osteoporosis in Klinefelter syndrome.- Nutritional disturbances and osteoporosis during puberty (anorexia, bulimia).- Lifestyle and osteoporosis risk in men (physical activity, diet, alcohol abuse).- Drug induced male osteoporosis.- Obesity and male osteoporosis: protective factor?.- HIV and osteoporosis.- Cardiovascular risk and osteoporosis: is there a link?.- Osteoporosis and hormonal therapy in prostate cancer.- Doping and skeletal alterations.- Sarcopenia-osteoporosis: the fragile man.- Prevention, screening and treatment: Prevention of male osteoporosis in the different ages.- Screening foroporosis in men: critical summary of international guidelines.- Androgen therapy.- Vitamin D supplementation.- Pharmacological therapy.- Femur fragility fracture in men and surgical therapy risks.- Rehabilitation therapy after surgery in osteoporotic patients.- Future research and clinical issues.
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