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Neuro-urological Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.- Clinical Entities and Their Neuro-urological Consequences. Congenital abnormalities (meningomyelocoele and spinal dysraphism). Degenerative diseases (MS, Parkinson). Traumatic lesions (intervertebral disc prolaps, spinal cord injury). Metabolic problems (diabetic neuropathy). Other entities (infections, CVA and other lesions).- Diagnostics. Neuro-urological history and clinical examination. Urodynamic assessment. Clinical neuro-urophysiological investigations.- Clinical Entities.Urinary problems. Incontinence. Retention and voiding dysfunction. Upper urinary tract function (reflux, obstruction and kidney function). Infections (LUT, UUT). Bowel disorders. Faecal incontinence. Constipation and evacuation problems. Sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction. Ejaculatory failure.- Management. Conservative approach. Behavorial therapy. Physiotherapy. Pharmacological treatment. Surgical therapy. Specific challenges with anaesthesia. Minimally invasive surgery (Botox, intraurethral devices, injections). Reconstructive surgery. Prosthetic surgery (sphincter, neurostimulation, neuromoduloation). Appliances, catheterisation and other aides.
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