Neuroradiological Imaging of Skin Diseases and Related Conditions

Neuroradiological Imaging of Skin Diseases and Related Conditions

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Anatomy.- Congenital.- Branchial apparatus anomalies.- -Dermoid/Epidermoid.- Atretic encephalocele.- Neurocutaneous syndromes.- NF 1.- NF2.- Tuberous sclerosis.- PHACES syndrome.- Neurocutaneous melanosis.- Sturge-Weber.- Basal cell nevus syndrome.- Incontinentia pigmenti.- Skin tumors.- Skin appendage lesions (pilomatrixoma, cystadenoma, Turban tumor).- Primary malignancies (melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma).- Metastases.- Vascular.- Sinus pericranii.- AVM.- Hemangioma.- Venolymphatic malformation.- Degos syndrome.- Trauma.- Lacerations.- Hematomas.- Foreign bodies.- Third-spacing.- Infectious and inflammatory processes.- Cellulitis.- Abscess.- Herpes-Zoster.- Scleroderma.- Perry-Romberg disease.- Post-treatment.- Mohs surgery.- Reconstructive skin flaps and grafts.- Cosmetic facial fillers and implants.
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