Orthopedic Practice Management

Orthopedic Practice Management

Strategies for Growth and Success

Bush-Joseph, Charles A.; Swart, Eric F.; Makhni, Melvin C.; Makhni, Eric C.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part I: Starting and Building a Practice.- What to Look For In a New Job Opportunity: Strategic, Personal and Legal Considerations.- Partnership, Ancillaries, and Other Considerations.- Setting up Your Clinical Practice: Keys for Growth and Success.- Recruiting and Incorporating Mid-Level Providers.- Social Media Use in the Field of Orthopedic Surgery.- Part II: Leadership and Management.- Building and Managing a Successful Private Practice.- Leading a Privademic Medical Center: Experience Running the Rothman Institute.- Recruitment and Department Expansion.- Implementing Outcomes Collection in Clinical Practice.- Pursuing a Dual Degree.- Healthcare Policy.- Part III: Additional Topics.- Surgical Training and Education.- Independent Medical Examinations and Legal Depositions.- Board Certification and Maintenance in Orthopedic Surgery.- Principles of Clinical Research.- Innovation for Surgeon Inventors.
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