Pathology of the Placenta

Pathology of the Placenta

A Practical Guide

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Section 1. Background Chapter 1. Introduction. An approach to placental pathology Chapter 2. Placental Development with Expected Normal Gross and Microscopic Findings Chapter 3. Indications for examining the placenta Section 2. Gross examination Chapter 4. Gross examination Chapter 5. Placental Weight, Shape, and Gross Vascular Morphology Section 3. Placental disc: Macroscopically Visible Lesions Chapter 6. Infarction Chapter 7. Intervillous thrombosis Chapter 8. Massive perivillous fibrin deposition, maternal floor infarct Chapter 9. Retroplacental haemorrhage, marginal haemorrhage Chapter 10. Fetal Vascular Thrombosis Chapter 11. Extravillous trophoblast cyst Section 4. Placental disc: Microscopic Lesions Chapter 12. Acute Chorioamnionitis Chapter 13. Chorionic plate chronic inflammatory lesions including eosinophilic/T-cell chorionic vasculitis Chapter 14. Maturity anomalies Chapter 15. Distal villous hypoplasia Chapter 16. Placental mesenchymal dysplasia Chapter 17. Increased syncytial knot formation Chapter 18. Persistence of cytotrophoblast Chapter 19. Mineralization of trophoblast basement membrane Chapter 20. Trophoblast and stroma: vacuolation - inherited disorder of metabolism Chapter 21. Villous oedema Chapter 22. Extramedullary haemopoiesis Chapter 23. Intravillous haemorrhage Chapter 24. Hypervascularity Chapter 25. Fetal vascular malperfusion Chapter 26. Presence of nucleated red blood cells Chapter 27. Fetal vessels: malignancy Chapter 28. Acute villitis Chapter 29. Chronic villitis Chapter 30. Chronic histiocytic intervillositis Chapter 31. Intervillous space: infiltrates Chapter 32. Pregnancy-induced uterine vascular remodelling and the pathophysiology of decidual vasculopathy Chapter 33. Chronic deciduitis Chapter 34. Basal plate myometrial fibres Chapter 35. Basal plate laminar necrosis Chapter 36. Retroplacental Haematoma/Haemorrhage (RPH) Chapter 37. Miscellaneous Lesions of the Villous Parenchyma Section 5. Amniochorial membranes: Macroscopically Visible Lesions Chapter 38. Amniochorial membrane nodules Chapter 39. Placental changes in amniotic band sequence, extra-amniotic and extramembranous pregnancy Section 6. Amniochorial membranes: Microscopic Lesions Chapter 40. Amnion Transport: Histologic Features Chapter 41. Choriodecidual haemosiderin staining Chapter 42. Laminar necrosis; membrane chorionic microcysts and chorion nodosum Chapter 43. Decidual Vasculopathy Chapter 44. Acute inflammation Chapter 45. Chronic inflammation Section 7. Umbilical cord Chapter 46. Umbilical Cord Length Chapter 47. Umbilical Cord coiling Chapter 48. Cord knots and pseudo-knots Chapter 49. Umbilical cord tumours Chapter 50. Umbilical Cord Insertion abnormalities Chapter 51. Embryonic remnants and pathology Chapter 52. Single Umbilical Artery, Supernumerary Vessels, Segmental Thinning of the Umbilical Cord Vessels and Vascular calcifications in umbilical vessels Chapter 53. Umbilical cord ulcer Chapter 54. Umbilical vascular myonecrosis Chapter 55. Inflammation Section 8. Clinical correlation, reporting and frontiers Chapter 56. Constellations of Pathology in the Placenta and How They Relate to Clinical Conditions. Chapter 57. The Placental Pathology Report Chapter 58. Frontiers
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