Prehypertension and Cardiometabolic Syndrome

Prehypertension and Cardiometabolic Syndrome

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I Epidemiology and Statistics.- 1 Epidemiology, statistics and health burden.- 2 PreHypertension, the risk of Hypertension and events.- 3 Parental history of hypertension as the determinant of cardiovascular function.- 4 High normal blood pressure in children and adolescents.- II Pathophysiology of prehypertension. - Part 1 Alteration of Cardiovascular control systems.- 5 Tachycardia in PreHypertension.- 6 Endothelial dysfunction in early phases of hypertension.- 7 Prehypertension and the Renin angiotensin aldosterone system.- 8 The role of the brain in neurogenic prehypertension.- 9 The blood pressure seeking property of the brain.- Part 2 Organ damage in Prehypertension.- 10 Microvascular structural alternations and tissue perfusion in hypertension and diabetes.-11 The heart in prehypertension.- 12 The role of the kidney in PreHypertension.- 13 Obesity, Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Forty Year Retrospective.- 14 Pre-CKD? Early markers of renal dysfunction in patients with Prehypertension.- 15 Arterial stiffness in early phases of Prehypertension.- 16 The role of perivascular fat in raising blood pressure in obesity and diabetes.- 17 The Brain.- 18 Diurnal and pulsatile hemodynamics in individuals with PreHypertension.- 19 Systolic hypertension in youth.- 20 Prehypertension and ethnicity: Haemodynamic mechanisms in young adults.- 21 Hemodynamics (systemic and renal) in prehypertension.- 22 Central blood pressure and Prehypertension.- Section 3: Risk assessment in PreHypertension.- 23 Blood pressure measurement, white coat and masked hypertension.-24 Vascular functional and structural risk assessment in prehypertension.- 25 Blood pressure variability.- 26 Morning Surge of Blood Pressure.- 27 Role of ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Prehypertension.- 28 Home blood pressure, prehypertension and hypertension.- 29 Blood pressure and atherosclerosis- subclinical arteriosclerosis as an early sign of organ damage.- 30 Response to stress, effort and cold pressor test as predictors of Prehypertension.- 31 Physical Activity and Exercise Training as Important Modifiers of Vascular Health.- 32 Prehypertension and associated metabolic risk factors.- IV End organ damage in PreHypertension.- 33 Early cardiovascular dysfunction in Prehypertension.- 34 Effect of blood pressure lowering in hypertensive rats.- V Clinical studies in PreHypertension.- 35 Review of "old and new studies" in the treatment of PreHypertension.- 36 The CHINON study- argument for early treatment of PreHypertension. Effect of age on progression of hypertension.- 37 The PREVER study.- 38 The TROPHY study.- VI Management of PreHypertension.- 39 Non-pharmacologic approaches for the management of prehypertension.- 40 Antihypertensive drugs and vascular health.- 41 Prehypertension: a case in favor of early use of diuretics.- 42 Treatment of High normal blood pressure in the guidelines.- VII Tentative additional chapters.- 43 History of prehypertension: a saga of misunderstanding and neglect.- 44 Management of Prehypertension and hypertension in women of reproductive age.
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