Prosthetic Joint Infections

Prosthetic Joint Infections

Peel, Trisha

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book outlines the most updated clinical guidelines that are vital for the prevention infections and care of patients with joint infections following a replacement surgery, one of the highest volume medical interventions globally.
Chapter 1 Introduction to Prosthetic Joint Infection Trisha Peel Chapter 2 Epidemiology of Prosthetic Joint Infection Natividad Benito, Jaime Esteban, Juan Pablo Horcajada, Alba Ribera, Alex Soriano, and Ricardo Sousa Chapter 3 Prosthetic Joint Infection: Diagnosis Update Trisha Peel and Robin Patel Chapter 4 Management of Periprosthetic Joint Infection Jaime Lora-Tamayo and Oscar Murillo Chapter 5 Prosthetic Joint Infection: Prevention Update Courtney Ierano, Andrew J. Stewardson, and Trisha Peel Chapter 6 Prosthetic Joint Infection: Guidelines and Recommendations Update Trisha Peel
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