Quick Hits for Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Quick Hits for Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Zeretzke-Bien, Cristina M.; Swan, Tricia B.; Allen, Brandon R.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book covers essential information necessary in diagnosing and treating pediatric patients in the emergency room. Color images and flow charts allow doctors to grasp the essentials quickly, while more detailed explanations are included alongside for trainees.
Airway-Pediatric Anatomy, Infants and Children.- Respiratory Review-A, B, C & Ps of Kids: Asthma, Bronchiolitis, Croup, and Pneumonia.- Resuscitation-Pediatric Algorithms.- Pediatric Pearls: Management of Shock in Children.- Pediatric Ventilator Management.- Neonatal Delivery and the Acutely Ill Neonate.- Pediatric Abdominal Pain.- Trauma Tidbits.- Pediatric Head Injury Guidelines.- Pediatric Burns.- Procedure Pearls.- Pediatric Orthopedics.- Pediatric Altered Mental Status.- Pediatric Fever Protocols.- Pediatric Electrocardiography.- Pediatric Seizure.- Electrolyte Disturbances.- Pediatric Toxicology.- Pediatric Pain.- Pediatric Antibiotic Guide.- Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis.- Pediatric Metabolic Emergencies.
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