Reduced Inequalities

Reduced Inequalities

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Access to Higher Education.- Accessibility as a Precondition for Equality for Persons with Disabilities.- Addressing Inequality through an Integral Design Approach for Sustainable Development in Rural Communities.- Ageism: Conceptualizing and Contrasting Age-Related Discrimination.- Contribution of Fair Trade in Sustainable Development.- Cultural Diversity and Implications in Social Environment.- Cultural Inequality and Sustainable Development.- Development and Equality: UN's Effort with Least Developed Countries (LDC).- Digital Divide: From a Peripheral to a Core Issue for all SDGs.- Dimensions and Causes of Systemic Oppression.- Diminishing Inequality through Coaching in Education.- Discrimination: Concept, Types, Impact, and Remedies.- Economic Inequality: Measures and Causes.- Economic Policy to Reduce Inequality.- Effects of Trade Barriers on Development and Growth.- Empowerment of Civil Society.- Enhancing Collaboration Between Societal Stakeholders for Reduced Inequalities.- Equal Resilience for Global Risks: Mitigating Social, Economic and Environmental Inequalities.- Equality, non-discrimination, and sustainable development of persons with disabilities.
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Sustainability;Nutrition;Innovation;Diseases;Sustainable Development;Research