Sexual Dysfunctions in Mentally Ill Patients

Sexual Dysfunctions in Mentally Ill Patients


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Epidemiology of Sexual Dysfunctions in Persons Suffering from Psychiatric Disorders.- Experimental models in sexual medicine.- Psychometry in sexual medicine.- Diagnosis of Sexual Dysfunctions in Psychiatric Population. Lights and Shadows of DSM 5 Taxonomy of Sexual Disorders.- Sexual Dysfunctions, Psychoses and Antipsychotics Drugs.- Sexual Dysfunctions and Mood and Anxiety Disorders.- Sexual Dysfunctions and Eating Disorder.- Sexual Dysfunctions and Obesity.- Sexual Dysfunctions and Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders.- Trauma Related Disorders: Sexually Abused and Psychiatric Comorbidities.- Sexual Dysfunctions and Adults ADHD.- Paraphilia/Paraphilic Disorders.- Sexual Assistance for People Affected by Intellectual Disabilities.- Sexual Dysfunctions in the Internet Era.
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