Sustainability of Agricultural Environment in Egypt: Part I

Sustainability of Agricultural Environment in Egypt: Part I

Soil-Water-Food Nexus


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Part I. Introduction.- Applicability of Sustainable Agriculture in Egypt.- Part II. Overview of Egyptian Sustainable Agriculture.- Deficit Irrigation Management as Strategy Under Conditions of Water Scarcity; Potential Application in North Sinai, Egypt.- Soil toxicology: Potential Approach on the Egyptian Agro-environment.- Part III. Potential application of crop productivity.- Potential Role of Intercropping in Maintaining and Facilitating Environmental Sustainability.- Role of Intercropping in Increasing Sustainable Crop Production and Reducing Food Gap in Egypt.- Sustainable Cultivation of Rice in Egypt.- Part IV. Biotechnology Application for Agricultural Sustainability.- Bioactive Compounds in Soybean Proteins and its Applications in Food Systems.- Influence of natural plant extracts in reducing soils & water contaminates.- Underutilized Plant Species and Agricultural Sustainability in Egypt.- Plant Biotechnology Status in Egypt.- Fermented Food in Egypt: A Sustainable Bio-preservation to Improve the Safety of Food.- Part V. Potentiality of Soil Sensing for Sustainable Agriculture.- Geostatistics and Proximal Soil Sensing for Sustainable Agriculture.- Sustainable Indicators in Arid Region; Case study - Egypt.- Implication of Geo-Informatics (GIS/RS) on Agricultural Irrigation Management: The State of the Art.- Importance of Forage Mixtures in Increasing Sustainable Food Supply in Egypt.- Hydrological Simulation of a Rainfed Agricultural Watershed using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT).- Part VI. Conclusions.- Update, Conclusions, and Recommendations for Sustainability of the Agricultural Environment in Egypt: The Soil-Water-Food Nexus.
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Egypt;Sustainable agriculture;Deficit irrigation management;Egyptian agriculture;Environmental sustainability;Agricultural management;Irrigation;Water scarcity;Aridity;Soil sensing;water policy