Sustainability of Agricultural Environment in Egypt: Part II

Sustainability of Agricultural Environment in Egypt: Part II

Soil-Water-Plant Nexus


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Effect of Water Deficit on Food Productivity Under Saline Conditions: Case Study - North Sinai, Egypt.- Land-air and Water Resources on Sustainable Agricultural Development in Egypt.- Reclamation of Saline-Sodic Soils for Sustainable Agriculture in Egypt.- Impact of Tissue Culture in Agriculture Sustainability.- Pesticide alternatives use in Egypt: the concept and potential.- Biological pest control for sustainable agriculture in Egypt.- Impact of Climate Change on Insect Pests of Main Crops in Egypt.- Integrated Pest Management for Sustainable Agriculture.- Organic and Bio Fertilization on Crop Production in Semi-Arid Regions.- Using of humic substances and foliar spray with moringa leaf extract to alleviate salinity stress on Sudan grass (Sorghum vulgare).- Importance of Forage Mixtures in Increasing Sustainable Food Supply in Egypt.- Algae and Chain Aquaculture: An Approach towards Sustainable Agriculture.- Managerial and Nutritional Trends to Mitigate Heat Stress Risks in Poultry Farms.- Nutritional strategies to produce organic and healthy poultry products.- Ways to Minimize Nitrogen Emissions in Agricultural Farms.- Policies that work for sustainable agriculture in Egypt.- Conclusions and Recommendations.
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Egyptian agriculture;Sustainable agriculture;Environmental sustainability;Agricultural management;Water scarcity;Aridity;Semi-arid regions;Pesticide alternatives;Biological pest control;Integrated pest management;water policy