Ileoanal Pouch

Ileoanal Pouch

A Practical Guide for Surgery, Management and Troubleshooting


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History of the Ileoanal pouch - Prof John Nicholls Staging the surgery for ulcerative colitis - Willem Bemelman Minimally Invasive Pouch Surgery : Tips and Tricks - Janindra Warusavitarne Patient selection and education: Justin Davies Technical considerations in familial adenomatous polyposis: Paris Tekkis Pouch configuration and construction- Antonino Spinelli Pouch lengthening techniques - Robin Phillips Microbiology of the ileoanal pouch and managing pouchitis - Simon McLaughlin Crohn's disease in the patient with an ileoanal pouch - management strategies - Ailsa Hart Physiology and function of the pelvic pouch - Ellie Bradshaw The pouch registry - Omar Faiz Investigating and managing the failing pouch - Zarah Perry-Woodford Redo Pouch Surgery and Pouch excision - Sue Clark The Koch pouch - Par Myrelid Patient experience - Ileostomy association
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