Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Health and Aging

Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Health and Aging

Houlberg, Magda; Ducheny, Kelly; Hardacker, Cecilia

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. The Essentials2. Primary Health Care: Trans Health Expertise3. Access to Care and Barriers to Care4. Lifetime Challenges: "Abuse, Violence, Resilience."5. The Transgender Veteran Experience6. Transitions Later in Life7. Adaptations to Stressors: Addictions and Substance Use8. Depression and Suicidality9. Aging in Place: Alternative Housing10. Challenges with Long-Term Care and Research11. Workplace Transitions: Work to Retirement to SSA12. Caregiver Challenges13. Intersectionality of Race/Ethnicity and the Trans Experience14. Building Service Networks for Aging Transgender Individuals15. Nurses and Trans Competence16. The role of the Clinical Nurse Leader and Trans Best Practices17. Unique Health Needs18. Aging with HIV19. Long-Term Hormone Use and Complications
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