Analgesia in Major Abdominal Surgery

Analgesia in Major Abdominal Surgery


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Section 1: Background.- Introduction to cover Enhanced Recovery Programmes and contextualize advance in surgery and analgesic options.- Anatomy of the Nerve Innervation of the Abdominal Cavity & Types of Pain with Illustrations of Different Surgical Approaches.- Multimodal simple analgesia.- Opiates & Routes of delivery.- Section 2: Regional Techniques.- Central Neuraxial Blocks.- Continuous Paravertebral Blocks.- Psoas Compartment Blocks.- Abdominal Wall Blocks: Transabdominus Plane (TAP) Blocks.- Abdominal Wall Blocks: Rectus Sheath Catheters.- Continuous Wound Infusions Catheters.- Section 3: Non-opioid analgesics.- Lidocaine Infusions.- Gabapentinoids.- Ketamine.- Dexamethazone.
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