Arthroscopy and Sport Injuries

Arthroscopy and Sport Injuries

Applications in High-level Athletes

Volpi, Piero

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Part I General Aspects.- 1 Future in Arthroscopy and Sport Medicine.- 2 Injury risk in the Olympic Games.- 3 Tennis: Epidemiology and Injury Mechanism.- 4 Rugby: Epidemiology and injury mechanism.- 5 Basket: Epidemiology and Injury Mechanism.- 6 Football Epidemiology and injury mechanism.- 7 Return to Sport.- Part II Tendon and Muscle.- 8 Groin pain.- 9 Achille tendinopathies.- 10 Achille tendon rupture.- 11 Patellar and quadriceps tendinopathy.- 12 Patellar tendon rupture.- 13 Hamstring Injuries.- 14 Return to Sport after muscle tendon lesion.- Part III Shoulder.- 15 Shoulder imaging evaluation.- 16 Shoulder management the first anterior shoulder dislocation.- 17 Shoulder superior labral repair.- 18 Shoulder anterior instability.- 19 Shoulder Instability with Bony Lesions.- 20 Shoulder Microtraumatic and Atraumatic Instability.- 21 Shoulder posterior Instability.- 22 Shoulder rotator cuff repair.- 23 Treatment of the acute traumatic acromionclavicular dislocation.- 24 Return to sport after shoulder arthroscopy.- Part IV Elbow.- 25 Thrower's Elbow.- 26 Biceps and triceps tendon lesions.- 27 Medial Epicondylitis.- 28 lateral Epicondilytis of the Elbow.- 29 Elbow instability.- Part V Wrist.- 30 Wrist legament injuries.- 31 Wrist tendon lesions.- 32 Wrist Fractures.- Part VI Hip.- 33 Hip Imaging evalutation.- 34 Hip anterior femoroacetabular impingement.- 35 Hip tears of acetabular labrum.- 36 Return to Sport after hip arthroscopy.- Part VII Knee.- 37 Medial meniscus.- 38 Lateral meniscus.- 39 Cartilage treatment.- 40 Management of collateral ligament injuries (medial and lateral).- 41 Anterior Cruciate Ligament .- 42 Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament.- 43 Posterior cruciate ligament.- 44 Posterolateral instability.- 45 Patellar Instability.- 46 Anterior Knee pain.- 47 The Knee Arthritic in Athletes .- 48 Management adolescent ACL lesion.- 49 Management the first patellar dislocation.- Part VI Ankle.- 50 Chronic ankle instability.- 51 Ankle Impingement (anterior and posterior).- 52 Ankle osteochondral lesions.- 53 Ankle arthritis in athletes.- 54 Return to sport after ankle lesions.- Part VII Miscellanea.- 55 Viscosupplementation in Athletes .- 56 Use of PRP in Sport Medicine.- 57 Use of Scaffold in Sport Medicine.- 58 Use of the braces.
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