Tennis Medicine

Tennis Medicine

A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

Di Giacomo, Giovanni; Ellenbecker, Todd S.; Kibler, W. Ben

Springer International Publishing AG






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Section I - Biomechanics & Pathophysiology: 1Biomechanics of the Tennis Serve.- 2 Biomechanics of Groundstrokes and volleys.- 3 Epidemiology of Tennis.- 4 Pathophysiology of Tennis Injuries: The Kinetic Chain.- 5 Biomechanics & Physical Properties of the Tennis Racquet, Strings, Ball Contact and Shoe/Court Interface: Implications for Injury in Tennis Players.- Section II - Player Evaluation: 6Physical Evaluation of the Shoulder and Elbow in Tennis Players.- 7 Physical Evaluation of the Hip.- 8 Physical Evaluation of the Spine.- 9 Imaging of the Shoulder and Hip.- 10 Musculoskeletal Screening for the Elite and Developing Tennis Player (The USTA HPP and ATP PIPS).- 11 The Pre-Participation Physical - The WTA Experience & Findings.- 12 Fitness Testing / Screening in Elite Tennis Players.- Section III - Shoulder Injuries: 13 Rotator Cuff Injuries (include Full Thickness and Partial thickness).- 14 Labral Injuries and Posterior Impingement in Tennis Players.- 15 Scapulothoracic Evaluation & Treatment in Tennis Players.- 16 Rehabilitation of the Shoulder in Tennis Players .- 17 Osteo Arthritis and the Senior Tennis Player.- Section IV- Elbow Wrist & Hand Injuries: 18 Pathophysiology of Tendon Injury: Implications for Tennis Elbow.- 19 Humeral Epicondylitis in Elite Tennis Players: (Include injections & Surgical Management) & Indications for Elbow Arthroscopy.- 20 Rehabilitation of the Elbow.- 21 Minimally invasive treatment of wrist and hand lesions in tennis players .- 22 Pathophysiology of wrist and hand injuries in tennis players: tendons, ligaments and TFCC lesions.- 23 Wrist and Hand Rehabilitation.- Section V - Lower Extremity Injuries.- 24 Principles of Hip Arthroscopy in Elite Tennis Players.- 25 Treatment of Labral Injuries & FAI in Tennis Players.- 26 - Rehabilitation of Hip Injuries.- 27 Thigh and Knee Injuries.- 28 Pathophysiology and Treatment of Patellar Tendonitis.- 29 Rehabilitation of Knee Injuries.- 30 Foot and Ankle Injuries in Tennis players: Rehabilitation of Foot and Ankle Injuries including Orthotic Management for Prevention and Treatment of Lower Extremity Injuries in Tennis Players.- 31 Acute Management of Foot & Ankle Injuries (Taping and Padding).- Section VI - Spinal Injury: 32 Injuries to the Spine in Elite Tennis Players & Spondylolisthesis in Developing Tennis Players: Special Considerations and Research Findings.- 33 Spinal Rehabilitation.- 34 Core Stability in Tennis Players.- Section VII - Medical Issues: 35 Key Medical Issues for Tennis Players.- 36 Sports Nutrition for Tennis Players.- 37 Heat Illness and Hydration for Tennis Players.- 38 Special chapter on Tournament Physician Issues at an event.- 39 Dermatologic Considerations in Elite Tennis Players.- Section VIII - Special Topics: 40 Strength and Conditioning in Elite and Developmental Tennis Players.- 41 Movement Dysfunction Syndromes.- 42 Strength & Conditioning of the Hips and Core.- 43 The Role of Scheduling &Periodization in Elite Tennis Players: (chapter on management and planning of player scheduling/off-season /number of matches needed for development etc).
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