Tennis Medicine

Tennis Medicine

A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

Kibler, W. Ben; Di Giacomo, Giovanni; Ellenbecker, Todd S.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book will serve as a key resource for all clinicians working in orthopedics, sports medicine, and rehabilitation for the sport of tennis. Furthermore, sufficient sport science information is presented to provide the clinical reader with extensive knowledge of tennis biomechanics and the physiological aspects of training and rehabilitation.
Section I - Biomechanics & Pathophysiology: 1Biomechanics of the Tennis Serve.- 2 Biomechanics of Groundstrokes and volleys.- 3 Epidemiology of Tennis.- 4 Pathophysiology of Tennis Injuries: The Kinetic Chain.- 5 Biomechanics & Physical Properties of the Tennis Racquet, Strings, Ball Contact and Shoe/Court Interface: Implications for Injury in Tennis Players.- Section II - Player Evaluation: 6Physical Evaluation of the Shoulder and Elbow in Tennis Players.- 7 Physical Evaluation of the Hip.- 8 Physical Evaluation of the Spine.- 9 Imaging of the Shoulder and Hip.- 10 Musculoskeletal Screening for the Elite and Developing Tennis Player (The USTA HPP and ATP PIPS).- 11 The Pre-Participation Physical - The WTA Experience & Findings.- 12 Fitness Testing / Screening in Elite Tennis Players.- Section III - Shoulder Injuries: 13 Rotator Cuff Injuries (include Full Thickness and Partial thickness).- 14 Labral Injuries and Posterior Impingement in Tennis Players.- 15 Scapulothoracic Evaluation & Treatment in Tennis Players.- 16 Rehabilitation of the Shoulder in Tennis Players .- 17 Osteo Arthritis and the Senior Tennis Player.- Section IV- Elbow Wrist & Hand Injuries: 18 Pathophysiology of Tendon Injury: Implications for Tennis Elbow.- 19 Humeral Epicondylitis in Elite Tennis Players: (Include injections & Surgical Management) & Indications for Elbow Arthroscopy.- 20 Rehabilitation of the Elbow.- 21 Minimally invasive treatment of wrist and hand lesions in tennis players .- 22 Pathophysiology of wrist and hand injuries in tennis players: tendons, ligaments and TFCC lesions.- 23 Wrist and Hand Rehabilitation.- Section V - Lower Extremity Injuries.- 24 Principles of Hip Arthroscopy in Elite Tennis Players.- 25 Treatment of Labral Injuries & FAI in Tennis Players.- 26 - Rehabilitation of Hip Injuries.- 27 Thigh and Knee Injuries.- 28 Pathophysiology and Treatment of Patellar Tendonitis.- 29 Rehabilitation of Knee Injuries.- 30 Foot and Ankle Injuries in Tennis players: Rehabilitation of Foot and Ankle Injuries including Orthotic Management for Prevention and Treatment of Lower Extremity Injuries in Tennis Players.- 31 Acute Management of Foot & Ankle Injuries (Taping and Padding).- Section VI - Spinal Injury: 32 Injuries to the Spine in Elite Tennis Players & Spondylolisthesis in Developing Tennis Players: Special Considerations and Research Findings.- 33 Spinal Rehabilitation.- 34 Core Stability in Tennis Players.- Section VII - Medical Issues: 35 Key Medical Issues for Tennis Players.- 36 Sports Nutrition for Tennis Players.- 37 Heat Illness and Hydration for Tennis Players.- 38 Special chapter on Tournament Physician Issues at an event.- 39 Dermatologic Considerations in Elite Tennis Players.- Section VIII - Special Topics: 40 Strength and Conditioning in Elite and Developmental Tennis Players.- 41 Movement Dysfunction Syndromes.- 42 Strength & Conditioning of the Hips and Core.- 43 The Role of Scheduling &Periodization in Elite Tennis Players: (chapter on management and planning of player scheduling/off-season /number of matches needed for development etc).
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