Bariatric Therapy

Bariatric Therapy

Alliance between Gastroenterologists and Surgeons


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Introduction: Definition of obesity. Obesity-associated morbidity and the discussion of diseases where surgeons and gastroenterologist will meet when treating these patients. Short summary of weight loss options and the role of the bariatric surgery herein. Effects of treatment and herewith achieved weight loss on comorbidities.- Bariatric surgery: Discussion of bariatric techniques with the most current operations more into detail. Endoscopic view of changed view after bariatric surgery. Effect of bariatric surgery through weight loss and metabolic changes on obesity-associated comorbidities.- Screening and preoperative work-up: Minimally required preoperative work-up. Sense and nonsense of preoperative weight loss. Role of the gastroenterologist in preoperative work-up.- Complications associated with bariatric surgery: complaints and endoscopic treatment: Laparoscopic Gastric banding. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric bypass.- Postoperatie guidance: Dietary requirements. Supplementation of minerals and vitamins. Long-term effects (bone mineralisation etc.).
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