A Practical Guide

Beynon, John; Harris, Dean Anthony; Davies, Mark; Evans, Martyn

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. Management of perianal Crohn's disease in the biologic era.- 2. The Catastrophic Abdominal Wall.- 3. Colorectal Complications of Radiotherapy.- 4. Robotics in Colorectal Surgery.- 5. The Dysfunctional Pouch.- 6. The iatrogenic complications of pelvic cancer surgery.- 7. Assessment of bowel vascularity and adjuncts to anastomotic healing.- 8. Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision.- 9. Anal cancer and sentinel node biopsy.- 10. Rectal Cancer that responds to radiotherapy.- 11. The advanced primary or recurrent rectal cancer: pushing the boundaries.- 12. Personalized genomics and molecular profiles in colorectal cancer: towards precision cancer care.- 13. Assessing outcomes in colorectal cancer surgery.
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