Fundamentals of Anorectal Surgery

Fundamentals of Anorectal Surgery

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Anorectal Anatomy and Physiology.- Patient Evaluation.- Anorectal Physiology Testing.- Congenital and Pediatric Anorectal Conditions.- Perioperative Management.- Operative and Anesthetic Techniques.- Functional Anorectal Disorders.- Rectal Prolapse and Intussusception.- Anal Incontinence.- Fistula-in-ano and Abscess.- Rectovaginal fistulas.- Rectocele and Perineal hernias.- Pruritis Ani.- Fissure-in-Ano and Anal Stenosis.- Pilonidal Disease.- Perianal Hidradenitis Suppurativa.- Hemorrhoidal Disease .-Proctalgia Fugax, Levator Syndrome, and Pelvic Pain.- Anal Neoplasms.- Rectal Carcinoma: Etiology and Evaluation.- Rectal Carcinoma: Operative Treatment.- Rectal carcinoma: Adjuvant Therapy .- Other Rectal Neoplasms.- Presacral Tumors.- Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Pelvic Floor Disorders related to Urology and Gynecology.- Anorectal Trauma.- Ulcerative Proctitis and Anorectal Crohn's Disease.- Other Proctitides.- Minimally Invasive Anorectal Surgery.- Nursing Considerations.
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