Imaging Acute Abdomen in Children

Imaging Acute Abdomen in Children


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- Introduction - Emergency medicine from the clinician point of view; the various diseases; definitions of the term acute abdomen, emergency - Imaging approach in children, the various techniques - Imaging acute conditions in prematures and neontaes o Managing antenatal diagnosis with acute neonatal presentation o Acute abdominal conditions in the prematurely born Necrotizing enterocolitis Complications of IV lines o The newborn and infant Acute digestive conditions * Intestinal obstruction * Hepato-biliary anomalies o Cholestasis, biliary atresia and its differential diagnosis * Acute presentations of neonatal tumors and pseudo-masses Acute urinary tract obstruction * Posterior Urethral valves * Prolapsing ureterocele * Other causes of acute UT obstruction Oligo-anuria in the neonate Retroperitoneal tumors Unusual neonatal conditions o Children Acute digestive conditions * Appendicitis and DDX including colitis, ileitis, * Hepatobiliary anomalies * Acute pancreas anomalies * Acute splenic anomalies Acute conditions in female patients Acute UT conditions Urinary retention * Hematuria * UTI * Uro-lithiasis Tumors and pseudotumors Abdominal trauma Unusual acute conditions in children
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