New Vision 2050

New Vision 2050

A Platinum Society


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Introductory Chapter (1): The Turning Point of Human History Chapter 1 The Message in "Vision 2050" Chapter 2 Progress on Vision 2050 since 1995 Chapter 3 Technologies to Support a Low-Carbon Society (Using Energy) Chapter 4 Technology to Support Low-Carbon Society (Utilize Energy) Chapter 5 Low-Carbon Society in 2050 Chapter 6 Platinum Industry and a New Society Interview 1: Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 Interview 2: Regional Revitalization and New Work Styles Interview 3: Considering ways to solve social problems
Open Access;Sustainability;Climate change;Saturation;Leading country in resolving societal problems;Resource self-sufficiency;Urban mines;Renewable energy;Human-nature symbiosis;Aging society;Longevity;Lifelong learning;Sustainable cities;Low carbon society;Zero emission;Quality of life