Bowel Dysfunction

Bowel Dysfunction

A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals


Springer International Publishing AG






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Part 1. Introduction.- 1. Background to bowel function and rationale for writing the book.- 2. Normal anatomy and physiology of bowel function with a view to including detail on the pelvic floor.- 3. Epidemiology Constipation and FI.- 4. Investigations: Anorectal Physiology.- Part 2. Causes and Assessment of Bowel Dysfunction.- 5. Causes of constipation/evacuatory dysfunction.- 6. The Assessment of Constipation and Evacuatory Disorders.- 7. Causes of faecal incontinence.- 8. The Assessment of Faecal Incontinence.- Part 3. Treatments for Bowel Dysfunction.- 9. Conservative management.- 10. Food choice as a Management Strategy in Bowel Dysfunction.- 11. Pharmacological therapy.- 12. Rectal Irrigation.- 13. Neuromodulation.- 14. Surgery .- 15. Psychological medicine for bowel dysfunction.
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