Difficult Decisions in Colorectal Surgery

Difficult Decisions in Colorectal Surgery


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Introduction.- Evaluating evidence.-IBD/ Management of symptomatic anal fistulas in pts with Crohn's disease.- Management of a painful anal fissure and skin tags in pts with Crohn's disease.- Elective surgical management in patients with ulcerative colitis-how many stages?.- Which UC patients should not have IPAA?.- Management of pouch-vaginal fistulas.- IPAA for Crohn's colitis?.- Steroid management in patients undergoing surgery for IBD.- Management of dysplasia in patients with ulcerative colitis.- Postoperative prophylaxis in patients with Crohn's disease.- Colon cancer/ Followup in patients after curative resection for colon cancer.- Management of patients with acute large bowel obstruction from colon cancer,- Management of patients with colon cancer and synchronous liver metastases.- Management of the patient with an endoscopically unresectable cecal polyp.- Role of chemotherapy for resected Stage 2 colon cancer.- Rectal cancer/ Management of T1 rectal cancer.- Management of T2 rectal cancer.- Management of the pt with a complete clinical response after neoadjuvant chemoradiation.- Management of the patient with rectal cancer presenting with synchronous liver metastases.- Who needs a loop ileostomy after LAR for rectal cancer?.- Selection factors for reoperative surgery for local recurrent rectal cancer.- Anal dysplasia/ Management of patients with AIN 3.- Management of the abnormal pap smear in HIV positive patients.- Benign colon disease/ Indications for surgery in patients with severe C dificile colitis.- Do we need to operate on patients after successful percutaneous drainage of a diverticular abscess?.- Acute surgery for Hinchey 3 diverticulitis-resect or washout?.- Surgery for acute complicated diverticulitis-Hartmann vs primary anastomosis.- Who needs elective surgery for recurrent diverticulitis?.- Deciding on IRA vs IPAA for FAP.- How do we select the operation for pts with rectal prolapse?.- Benign anal disease/ Optimal management of the transsphincteric anal fistula.- Management of the recurrent anovaginal fistula.- When to do surgery for the pt with an anal fissure.- Management of the recurrent fissure after LIS.- Third degree hemorrhoids-Who really needs surgery?.- Which patients with fecal incontinence require physiologic workup?.- Who are the right candidates for sacral nerve stimulation?.- When is an anal sphincter repair indicated?.- Quality improvement/ What role checklists?.- Where are we with bowel preps for patients undergoing colon resection?.-Are fast track pathways for laparoscopic surgery needed?.- What are the right ingredients for a successful fast track pathway for open surgery?.- Preventing readmission after colon and rectal surgery.- Technique/ What is the best approach to transanal surgery: TEM vs TAMIS vs traditional transanal excision.-/ Lap vs robotic vs open surgery for rectal cancer.- Reservoir construction after LAR-Who and what?.- Hand assisted vs multiport vs single port approaches to laparoscopic colectomy.- Management of an anastomotic leak after LAR.- Management of the unhealed perineal wound after proctectomy.
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