Extreme Hepatic Surgery and Other Strategies

Extreme Hepatic Surgery and Other Strategies

Increasing Resectability in Colorectal Liver Metastases

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Part I Introduction. 1. Introduction.- 2. Liver surgical anatomy.- II. Global patient evaluation and oncological assessment.- 3. Resectability assessment with diagnostic imaging.- 4. Liver function evaluation before extreme liver surgery.- 5. Imaging-based preoperative planning.- 6. Choosing the best strategy. Multidisciplinary evaluation.- III.- Non-operative multimodal therapies.- 7. Conversion and neoadjuvant therapies.- 8. Portal embolization.- 9. Intraarterial chemotherapy.- 10. Radioembolization.- IV. Surgical strategies.- 11. Anesthetics management.- 12. Intraoperative evaluation of resectability.- 13. Vascular control in major hepatic resections.- 14. Two-stage liver surgery.- 15. Two-stage liver surgery with portal occlusion.- 16 ALPPS.- 17. Parenchymal-sparing liver resections.- 18. Combined vascular resections.- 19. Ex-vivo liver surgery.- 20. Liver transplant.- 21. The roll of laparoscopy in advanced liver disease.- V. Management of concomitant extrahepatic disease .- 22. Pulmonary metastases.- 23. Nodal involvement.- 24. Peritoneal disease.- 25. Adjacent organs invasion. Multivisceral resections.- VI. Postoperative complications and their management.- 26. Complications of hepatic resections.- VII. Palliative care.- 27. Palliative care in patients with extensive disease.
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